Woman’s oral sex assassination plot foiled by odor

A Brazilian woman is accused of administering a poisonous substance on her genitals before asking her husband to go down on her. According to the husband, he was ready and willing to perform oral sex on his wife, however, a foul and strange odor wafted from between her legs alerting his senses which caused him to hesitate and stop in his tracks. He then demanded that she go to the hospital immediately, before he would proceed any further with the oral sex, of course. Apparently, she complied versus taking a quick shower and washing away all the evidence. Hospital tests revealed traces of a poisonous substance. The Brazilian man’s intuition was correct and his wife’s very creative attempt to kill him was in fact a reality. The moral of the story: If you smell something foul and weird coming from between your lady’s legs run for the hills!

News Link: Mirror