Washington man arrested for blowing up his dog, claims his ex-girlfriend “put the devil in it”

washington_dillinghamChristopher Dillingham of Stevenson, Washington, was arrested for blowing up his dog. The 45-year-old man attached an explosive device to the dog’s neck and then detonated it. “Boom!”

Around 4 a.m. neighbors notified police after they heard a loud explosion coming from Dillingham’s residence. When police arrived on the scene they found the dead yellow lab with it’s head blown off as well as a frantic Christopher Dillingham blabbering that the world was going to end soon.

“Sir, why did you blow up your dog. Sir look at me. Why did you blow up your dog?” the deputy asked.

“The dog was giving to me by my ex. She put the devil in it. That bitch put the devil in that dog! That dog had to die.” Dillingham said.

“I see. Sir, how did you make the exploding device?” the deputy asked.

RIP Cabella

RIP Cabella

“I made it on my work bench with black powder. I own a firework stand. I know how to make explosives. I strapped it to the devil’s neck and then lured it behind the wall with dog treats. Then I detonated.” He said.

“Sir we also received a call from your nephew inside the house, he said you threw a couch out the window and woke him up to help throw anything metal outside. Why are you throwing items all over your yard sure? Are you on drugs? the deputy asked.

“All those items are the souls of demons! The end is near. You will see. Y’all will see. It’s going to rain nuclear fire.”

“Got it.” the deputy responded.

Dillingham was charged with reckless endangerment and possession of an explosive device. According to Skamania County Sheriff, Dillingham wasn’t charged with animal cruelty because the dog was killed instantaneous, in other words, Cabella didn’t suffer, however, county prosecutors may add additional charges after further investigation.

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***slight dramatization based on true events