Two Dogs busted for breaking into home, killing two cats, and attempting to kill woman

dog_mugshot copyTwo dogs in Douglas County, Georgia, were arrested for allegedly breaking into the home of Patrick Vermilya, murdering his two cats, and attempting to murder his wife, Patty McMahon.

According to Douglas County authorities, early Saturday morning, while Patrick and his wife were away from their home,  two neighboring dogs managed to break into Vermilya’s home through an unlocked second story screen door. Once inside, the two dogs viciously murdered Vermilya’s cats, Lucy and Oscar.

“They got in through the second story screen door, one of the cats [Lucy] was apparently sunbathing up on the porch, they killed her right away. They then searched the house for other cats. From where we found the other body it looks like the other cat [Oscar] was hiding in a closet when they found him and viciously murder him.” A deputy reported.

Vermilya’s wife, Patty, came home to the horrific site of her two cats viciously murdered lying in their own pool of blood, when she attempted to call the authorities she was confronted by the two blood thirsty dogs. They chased her through the house, luckily, Patty managed to lock herself in a bathroom and called her husband.

“I thought they were going to kill me, they were nipping at my ankles as I made it to the bathroom. They were pounding against the door, and growling, and this real high pitch snarl, it was so loud, and horrifying. After about 10 minutes it just stopped. I thought they gave up and had gone. I opened the door and I walked out. They weren’t gone.” Patty told reporters.

After calling her husband, Patty walked out of the bathroom, and again, Patty was chased by the two dogs around the house, again, nipping at her heals. However, this time, Patty managed to make it outside and locked the two rabid dogs inside the house. Douglas County Sheriff and Animal Control were called and the two dogs were easily apprehended inside the house.

Patrick Vermilya is still in shock over the idea of dogs breaking into his home to kill his pets and almost killing his wife.

He told reporters,”To have the animals come inside the house blows my mind. To kill my two innocent cats is unreal, and then turn on my wife…I never did trust those kind of dogs. With those beady eyes and pointy sick faces…I always thought Pomeranians were little assholes.”

The two dogs were booked at Douglas County Animal Control, and will be euthanized ASAP.

Full Story: WSBTV Georgia

*slight dramatization based on true events

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