Time Traveling Caveman arrested for throwing spear at moving vehicle

cal_jeff jones

“me hungy”

A heavy bearded neanderthal looking¬†man was arrested in Sacramento for allegedly throwing a spear at a passing moving vehicle. According to a witness, the primitive looking man appeared out of nowhere prior to throwing a spear at the moving car. “He just appeared, poof, a homeless looking man with a spear, then he threw it at a car while grunting some weird caveman talk.”

Ancient Alien Astronaut theorist argue that the man isn’t really 56-year-old Jeffery Jones from Sacramento, California, but rather a human from the past that has travelled through time via a worm hole created by ancient aliens. Other people argue he is just a crazy bearded man that throws spears at cars.

Jones was arrested for assault with a deadly weapon and was last seen drawing paleolithic illustrations on his cell wall at Sacramento County Jail.

Full Story: CBS Sacramento