The Pantless Burglar strikes in Oklahoma City, apparently she is only after your milk and cookies

Once inside, I start takin
Cause you know it’s no time for shakin
Get what you gonna get, front and center
or get five years for breakin and enter”
-Eazy-E  “No More ?’s”

oklahoma_michelleMeet 27-year-old Michelle Stephens of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Michelle was recently arrested for breaking into a couple’s home. More interestingly, Michelle Stephens was caught by the homeowner, Kelly, with her pants off in the kitchen enjoying a glass of milk and cookies.

“Who are you and what are you doing in my kitchen?” Homeowner Kelly asked Michelle as she walked into her kitchen at 6:30 am and stumbled upon a strange lady with no pants sitting down at her kitchen table.

“My name’s Michelle and I’m just having cookies and milk.” Michelle cordially responded.

“What the f#ck! Michelle, I need to know who else is in this house and I need to know how many people are with you.” Kelly said.

“I got beat up, I just wanted some milk and cookies.” Michelle said.

Kelly then ran to her bedroom and yelled to her husband, “Honey, get your gun and get into the kitchen!”

Unfortunately, when the couple returned to the kitchen Michelle had already fled the scene. According to investigators, Michelle broke into the house through the kitchen window and for some reason left her pants outside the window. In addition, to the milk and cookies, Michelle managed to steal some cash and jewels that were stashed in some kitchen drawers as well as making herself welcome to some pesto and pepper jack she found in the refrigerator.

It didn’t take long for police to catch up with the pantless burglary. Michelle Stephens was charged with first-degree burglary and petty larceny.

Full Story: FOX KC


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