The Bieber Wiener FEVER!!!!!

Wednesday, February 21, 2013

BieberStill not sure how to even write about this, but we will give it the ole college try.  If you are a man, and you created a list of the worst things that could ever be done to you, there is one thing that would be on every man’s list….castration.   It is not rocket science, but rather a simple fact for most men…sharp things do not belong near that area of the body.  Any violation of that guideline would make any man shiver.  The only thing that might come close to being castrated is the thought of actually castrating someone else.  Ugghh.

Well, there are three men being held in a New Mexico Jail that aren’t as squeamish as the rest of us. In fact, they had a plan to not only castrate someone but kill them afterwards…which seems a little redundant if anything, but who are we to comment on a good criminal plan or a bad one.  The amazing and most notable thing about the plan wasn’t the type of torture they were planning, but rather the person they were planning on doing it to.  And that unlucky person was…yes you guessed it…. Justin Bieber….oh wait, that isn’t who you guessed?  Never mind.

In order to set the record straight, one of the accused castrators recently spoke from the Albuquerque…where he is currently being held.  According to the man, there was no plan to either castrate or kill the Bieber.  His actions however didn’t really align with his story as there appears to be several conflicting pieces of evidence.  One of the weirdest parts of the story was that one of the three men accused of conspiring to snip the Bieber was one of his biggest fans.  So big, he actually has a tattoo of the pop sensation on his calf and writes Bieber letters regularly….pause…. yeah…… are we the only ones who think this is a little strange.  Not the tattoo, but the fact that if this guy likes the Bieber so much, why would he want to kill him?  Or even more shocking, how could he like the Bieber that much?

Anyway, at least for now the men are behind bars awaiting trial and the Bieber appears to be safe.  Read the original story below.

-PJ Fielder

Original story: Accused Bieber plotter talks from jail


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