Tallahassee man attempt to rob convenience store with a cattle prod goes awry

Lance Toberlin, a 26-year-old, panhandler, from Tallahassee, Florida attempted to rob a convenience store with a cattle prod. A cattle prod, or what is also referred to as a stock prod, is a handheld device that delivers an electric shock and is commonly used to make livestock move in the ranching business. Unfortunately, Mr. Toberlin didn’t anticipate that his victim, Convenient Store Clerk, possessed a gun. And when Toberlin threatened the man with his dinky cattle prod and shocked him a few times Mr. Convenient Store Clerk smiled and laughed as he pulled out his huge gun. Toberlin then fled the scene, but was shortly caught and charged with robbery and aggravated battery. Gun 1, Cattle Prod 0 .

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stop shocking me with that thing!

Lance Tomberlin

Lance Tomberlin

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