South Carolina’s notorious ‘Toe Sucker’ strikes again, and yes, it was in a Walmart

SC_toe suckerIt’s official, Walmart is the Florida of the retail world. There. I did it. I said it.

If you keep up on current events involving Florida and their beloved residents then you know exactly what I am talking about, and if you don’t, well, it is never too late.

Now back to South Carolina and the notorious “Toe Sucker”. Meet Joey Leaphart of Langley, South Carolina. Joey is a 44-year-old man that has a serious foot fetish–podophilia, if you want to get technical. Joey has a thing for women’s feet, he likes to smell them, touch them, and suck them. And for some odd reason Joey likes to indulge in his foot fetish in South Carolina area Walmarts. Always in a Walmart.

Joey also goes by the name, “Toe Sucker”, you may have heard of him. He has been in all the papers and all over the internet since the early 2000s. In fact, Joey’s extreme foot fetish has landed him in court many times. Back in 2000, Joey plead guilty to committing a lewd act on a minor following allegations that Joey sucked and licked the toes of a 11-year-old girl. In 2002, Joey was arrested for forcing himself on a 22-year-old woman’s foot, he was charged with assault and battery, but the juror found Joey innocent. Last year, Joey couldn’t help himself and forced himself on a woman’s foot in a Grovetown Walmart. Telling the woman that he was on TV show and kissing her foot was all part of the act. The woman told reporters that Joey yelled, “It tasted so good” as he fled the scene.

Last week, Joey struck again and this time at a Walmart in Aiken. According to the victim, Joey came up behind her while she was waiting in line at a check out. He bent down and touched her calf while placing a piece of gum between her foot and her sandal, which resulted in the victim to step on the gum.

She told officers, “This weirdo guy with a goofy grin came up behind when I was in line. I noticed he bent down behind me, I thought he was tying his shoe or something. I felt him brush against my calf, but I thought it was by accident, but then he kept touching me and staring at my feet.”

Joey eased in closer to the woman, smiled, and then calmly said, “I need to get my gum. It rolled under your foot.”

“With that sick grin, he kept smiling, I told him to f#ck off. Now I had his sick gum on my foot. God that grin was horrifying.” She said told officers.

However, Joey was persistent in trying to get the gum. He was heard saying, “I really need to get that gum that is under your foot…I need to get the gum under your foot…Do you mind if I just get down there to get the gum…I really need to…I need to touch your–”

Joey finally got the gist and walked away to find another foot to touch and suck. Police were called and the notorious “Toe Sucker” was apprehended in the Walmart Garden Center. Joey was charged with Third Degree Assault and Battery, as well as Trespassing/Entering Premises After Warning.

Full Story: NBC News

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