South Carolina Couple get busted for having sex on a boat

MB NicholsFact of the day: Sex on a boat is illegal in South Carolina. And apparently, claiming that you were not having sex, but rather, just rubbing legs is an dubious excuse. Who knew?

James Nichols and Gloria Sawyer were arrested for allegedly fornicating multiple times on Nichols’ boat while it was docked at Bucksport Marina in Conway, South Carolina.  According to witnesses, the couple was seen having sex multiple times in the boat while it was docked at the marina. “They were in plain view for my wife and my six-year-old daughter to see, she is only six, this is a marina, not a shady motel.” A witness, and one of the patrons that initially complained about the incident to the marina’s dockmaster, said.

Once notified of the  incident, the dockmaster told Nichols and Sawyer that their behavior was mb sawyer_unacceptable, and that they need to leave immediately or else he would call the cops. The couple didn’t heed to the dockmaster’s feeble threats and went on with their business, which included another session of some hardcore boat intercourse.

Later, another dock patron, obviously jealous, complained about the oversexed couple to the dockmaster, which led the dockmaster to confront the couple for the second time, and this time was forced to notify the Horry County Police. Nichols denied having sex on his boat and told police that he was rubbing the woman’s legs because they were sore. “We weren’t having sex on my muthaf#king boat y’all,  I was just rubbing her legs because they were sore from her medical condition, she has a medical condition, tell them about your medical condition Gloria.” Nichols said to police.

The cops didn’t buy it–Nichols and Sawyer were each charged with one count of indecent exposure.

Full Story: WMBF Myrtle Beach News



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