Seattle man threatens woman’s car, dog, couch and stabs her house all because of car trouble

ballard_houseBoy meets girl through a mutual friend. Boy and Girl agree to meet up on a Sunday night (according to Girl not an official date). Girl has car problems on way to meeting, forced to raincheck. Boy goes ape sh#t. Boy begins sending Girl threatening text messages. Boy not very good at text messaging and has obvious anger issues. 

Boy texts Girl:

“I swear to god if your [f#cking] with me I will steal your car and melt it down to [shit], then bust in your house and [sh#t] on your [f#cking] couch, paybacks a [bitch] keep playing [your dog] home alone.”

Girl interprets texts as a threat toward her car, her house, her couch and her dog. Girl returns home the next morning to find her door unlocked and a large kitchen knife stuck to the outside of her house. Girl declares Boy psycho. Girl notifies Seattle Police. Seattle Police investigate the incident. Rule it as a possible stalking and burglary. Boy last seen punching cars and peeing on cats.  

Seattle News: KOMO News