Quebec man fills ex-wife’s hot tub with manure flees scene on tractor

canada manureIf you cross Rene Daniel of Sainte-Émélie-de-l’Énergie, Quebec, he will come to your house with his tractor and dump manure on your porch. If you are Rene Daniel’s estranged wife and serve him with divorce papers he is going to go over to her house with his tractor and dump a large pile of manure on her porch as well as fill up her hot tub to the brim with manure.

And when the Quebec provincial police are called to the scene and demand the 64-year-old man to stop dumping cow shit all over his wife’s property Daniel will refuse and then tell them to “va te faire foutre”. (that is french for “f#ck off”)

He then will take off on his tractor in what will become a high speed chase of a little over 7mph (11km).  The police will use their vehicle to forcible stop Daniel on his tractor about a mile down the road. After a mild scuffle with an officer, one that involves pepper spray, Daniel will be apprehended.

Daniels will be charged with criminal mischief, hit and run, assaulting a police officer, as well as a few other charges.

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