Pullng things like this only works in the Movies…In real life you go to Jail like this SLC man found out

The GraduateApparently this Salt Lake County man does not know how to move on. Upon finding out that his ex-girlfriend was getting married to another man, Andrew Curtis decided to pull a Graduate. He went to his ex-girlfriends house on Jan 18th to intevine the inevitable by professing his love for her. She said no and asked him to leave. He did. Now I’m sure things like this occur freequently in one way on another and usually do not lead to an arrest. However, the method in this case is what makes this interesting.

After a day of smoking Meth and not eating, Mr. Curtis awaited for a friend for a ride at a 7-11 for him to carry out his mission. When the friend did not arrive, Mr. Curtis stole a running truck from a construction yard nearby to go to his ex-girlfriend’s house. After being rejected he went to return the truck to the rightful owner. On his way he crashed into a church ending in an arrest. A case of bad luck; or just plain stupid? You decide…..

-PJ Fielder

More: http://www.thesmokinggun.com/documents/steals-truck-to-stop-wedding-674531