Polish man blows up house because wife and kids picnic without him

Poland_houseIn Polish News, Czeslaw Kaminski, 69, of the village of Checklo Drugie in Poland, blows up his home after he realizes his wife and children went on an afternoon picnic without him.

After a typical Polish breakfast consisting of a ham and cheese kanapka and a glass of homemade  czarna porzeczka (Black Currant juice) Mr. Kaminshki retired to his bedroom for a pleasant mid-morning nap. Upon awakening he discovered a note from his wife informing him that she and the children have gone on a picnic for the day and will return in the wieczór (evening). Enraged by the thought that he was ditched and left alone for the day Mr. Kaminshki immediately called his wife on her mobile phone and demanded her to return home immediately, and if she did not, he would enact revenge. Mrs. Kaminshki told investigators, “He called me on the mobile home and demanded that I go home, but when I refused he said he was going to get revenge. I did not take him seriously and then I returned home to find this.”

As a result of Mrs. Kaminshki refusal to return to the home immediately Mr. Kaminshki went totally zwariowany (crazy). When littering the kitchen with pierogi and fresh made golonka didn’t satisfy Mr. Kaminshki revenge quota, the madman decided to take it up a notch, resorting to lighting a fire in the basement and then throwing two large gas cylinders on the property, resulting into a massive explosion that blew the house to pieces. Zemsta jest moja! (Revenge is mine!)

Unfortunately for Mr. Kaminshki he didn’t make it out of the house fast enough and was caught up in the explosion. Mr. Kaminshki is listed in critical condition at a local hospital and is said to be in a coma. One of the nurses told the media that she couldn’t help but notice that Mr. Kaminshki face, although unconscious and a little burned, exhibited an expression similar to that of the Joker from Batman.

No mention of criminal charges have been released, but I am sure there will be a nice Polish investigation of the incident.

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