Papua New Guinea man arrested for cannibalism after going vampire on 3-year-old daughter

papua newMeet Papua New Guinea man Rex Eric. Rex was recently arrested after he sucked the blood and life out of the neck of his 3-year-old daughter. Locals refer to the man as the “Vampire Father” and suspect that he is possessed by an evil spirit.

Apparently, to think one is possessed is not uncommon down in Papa New Guinea, considering in remote areas of the Oceania country many still believe and practice sorcery, witchcraft, and black magic, not to mention, cannibalism. Which leads me to conclude that a guy going around sucking blood and eating flesh like a vampire probably isn’t that big of deal down there.

As the story goes, a woman and her 3-year-old daughter went to visit the Vampire Father at the Arnotts compound. Once they arrived the Vamp Father grabbed the little girl and scurried off to the bushes. It was in the bushes that the Vamp Father savagely tore into his young daughter’s neck eating her flesh and drinking her blood until she died. Two boys on top of a coconut tree, monkeying around, witnessed the horrific act of the Vamp Father voraciously sucking the blood out of his helpless daughter in the bushes, “He looked up at us in the tree a few times and just laughed. Then he just continued eating the little girl like we weren’t there. That’s when we got scared and went for help.” One of the boys told police.

The Vamp Father dumped the body in the bushes and fled the scene before local police arrived. However, he was caught by mob of villagers while running in the direction of the church seminary, and the mob then handed over to police.

Rex Eric (Vampire Father) was charged with cannibalism and murder. Unfortunately the 3-year-old didn’t survive the gruesome attack, however this is Papua New Guinea, so there might be a chance that she may have turned into a vampire herself. Stay tuned…

Full Story: Daily Mail


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