Oregon man busted for aiming laser pointer at commercial airliners

PDX_bukocsMeet 39-year-old Stephen Bukocs. Bukocs is a private security guard that lives in Portland, Oregon. Bukocs enjoys popping pain killers, collecting guns, and more interestingly, really likes to aim a green laser pointer at commercial airliners as they fly over his northeast Portland home, near the airport.

Bukocs was recently arrested for allegedly aiming a green laser pointer at a United and JetBlue commercial aircraft last week. In addition, he admitted to the authorities that he has pointed his long range green laser at commercial airliners flying overhead at least twenty-five times.

“Why does a 39-year-old man point a laser at planes?” Detective asked Bukucs.

“For the excitement.” Bukocs responded.

“You know pointing a laser at a plane can temporary blind the pilots and lead to a plane crash, right?” Detective asked.

“Yes.” Bukocs responded.

“Why are you such a dick?”

Bukocs was ordered by the federal court to undergo a mental health evaluation due to his documented pain killer addiction, and obviously, for his odd fascination with aiming a green laser at airplanes. He pleaded not guilty and was released from custody.

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**dialogue is dramatization based on true events