Oklahoma man arrested for drowning a family of ducks in acid

OK_ClayAlexander Clay has some serious mental issues, and is the obvious front runner for dick head of the week. The 22-year-old from Norman, Oklahoma, was arrested for allegedly drowning a family of ducks in muriatic acid [Hydrochloric acid].

As the story goes, Clay wanted to go see Grown Ups 2. His mother told he him couldn’t go to the movie until he finished cleaning his room. Clay didn’t want to clean his room, and became extremely angry with his mother. They argued about it for a little bit, Clay yelled, pleaded, and cried. His mother wouldn’t budge. Clay threatened his mother.

“I’m going to kill you if you don’t let me go see Grown Ups 2!” Clay yelled.

The mother laughed, and responded, “suit yourself,” as she walked away into the other room.

Clay became infuriated with his mother’s reaction and general lack of compassion for the 22-year-old’s imperative need to see Grown Ups 2. So much so he decided to take his anger and frustration out on their pet ducks.

“Fine, I’m going to kill those ducks then, I’m going to kill your precious little feathery little f#cking ducks!” Clay yelled at his mother.

He was serious.

He grabbed a jug of muriatic acid, just happened to have a container hanging around the house, filled up a bucket with the corrosive acid, grabbed mother duck, gave her a dip, then grabbed her duckling, and gave it dip. The official cause of death was ruled as intentional drowning in muriatic acid.

Clay was charged with animal cruelty, booked in Cleveland County Jail, and will have to wait just a little bit longer to see Grown Ups 2.

Full Story:News 9 Oklahoma

***dramatization based on true events



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