Ohio man sentence to 11-months in prison for having sex with a floatie

Ohio_TobergtaEverybody’s got a thing. For 34-year-old Edwin Tobergta of Butler County, Ohio, that thing is to make sweet love to pink rubber pool floaties in public. Unfortunately for Tobergta, having sex with an inflatable floatational device will sometimes get you in a little bit of trouble, especially if you prefer to have sex with your neighbor’s floatie, outside on your back porch, with your pants down, and in front of a bunch of kids. Tobergta was caught just doing that and was arrested.

Incidentally, this isn’t the first time the obvious Rubberist has been caught romancing his neighbors’s pool toy. Back in 2011, Tobertgta was caught with his pants down bumping ‘n grinding with the same pink floatie in an alleyway near his apartment. Not to mention, in 2002, Tobertgta was accused of romancing a neighbor’s inflatable pumpkin. Tobertgta has been charged with public indecency on numerous occasions, subsequently serving at least one year in jail for his love of rubber inflatables.

Tobergta plead guilty to the public indecency charge and was sentenced to 11 months in prison. No word if Mr. Tobergra will be able to receive conjugal visits by his beloved pumped-up inanimate buoyant pink pool toy.

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