New Delhi man murders animal handler because he wouldn’t let his monkey drink booze

monkey drink wineIn International News: A man from New Delhi, India was arrested for allegedly killing a man with a brick all because he wouldn’t let the man’s monkey drink wine during an early hours Independence Day celebration.

According to New Delhi officials, Ram Babu, a 36-year-old Indian Railway Porter, and Irfan Seemapuri, a 26-year-old Monkey handler,  as well as Irfan’s two monkeys, met up inside a train station to have some drinks to celebrate India’s Independence Day in the early hours of August 15th. The two drank and bantered and all was well, until Ram offered wine to one of the monkeys.

“Can you please not do that.” Irfran requested.

“What, why not? It’s just wine, Monkeys like wine. Look at him, he likes it.” Ram responded.

“Don’t test my patience.” Irfran said.

The two went on drinking. However, Ram, not respecting Irfran’s request, kept on sneaking wine to the monkey. After a while the monkey started to get rowdy, and it was apparent something was wrong with the monkey. Irfran quickly noticed the sudden erratic monkey behavior, not to mention, the monkey reeked of booze. Irfran confronted Ram.

“You been serving my monkey wine? I told you not to do that!” Irfran yelled.

“Oh come on man, what’s the big deal. It’s Independence Day. Time to celebrate. Monkeys celebrate too. Monkeys have rights man!” Ram said.

A fight ensued. Ram hit Irfran over the head with a brick. Irfran hit the ground, Ram fled the scene. Ram was found a few hours later unconscious in the train station and was rushed to the hospital, unfortunately it was too late, Irfran died of head injuries.

Ram was apprehended by Delhi police and arrested for the murder of Irfran Seemapuri. When asked why he did it, Ram responded, “Monkeys have the right to drink wine.”

Ram’s reasoning came as no real shock to Delhi police, considering that close to 20% of all murders that take place in New Delhi occur for the most trivial and ridiculous reasons.

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