Naked British man caught on camera having sex with a Land Rover


Daniel “Hotcock” Cooper

24-year-old Daniel Cooper was arrested for indecent exposure after police witnessed the father of three stumbling around Holywell town center with his pants around his ankles and shirt above his head, not to mention, Cooper was seen urinating on the street as well as bumping’n’grinding in a provocative and sexual manner against a counter of a kabob shop and later finished off making love to a Land Rover Discovery.

“He does like his cars.” One of his buddies that witness the incidence told police.

Unfortunately for Cooper, his drunken parading and sexing up a motor vehicle was all captured on surveillance camera. Cooper claimed that he blacked out during the Land Rover romp and blamed excessive alcohol for his shameful behavior.

“You see I don’t get out much. I’m a caring father of three beautiful children. I look after them when my wife goes out and works.” Cooper was heard saying.

“Why do you refer to yourself as ‘Hotcock’ on Facebook?” An official asked Cooper.

“How did you find out about that?” He responded.

Cooper admitted to the indecent exposure charge, and was ordered to pay $134 as well as banned from going outdoors between 7pm and 7am Friday, Saturday, Sunday for the next three months.

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