Minnesota High School Cheerleader busted for pimping out fellow teammate

minnesota_cheerleaderAn 18-year-old Hopkins High School senior, cheerleader, entrepreneur, Montia Maria Parker, was arrested and accused of prostituting out a 16-year-old sophomore girl with mental development issues. According to investigators, the aspiring madam, Montia, attracted customers by placing ads with photos of the 16-year-old girl (we will refer to her as Lakishia) up on Backpage.com, claiming that she just wanted to help her fellow teammate out with her money woes.


16-year-old sophomore cheerleader Lakishia wanted to raise some money for herself, but wasn’t sure how to go about it. Cue in, Montia Maria Parker, a popular senior with a bright future and an eye for entrepreneurism. Montia saw an opportunity regarding Lakishia’s money issues and approached her teammate with a big idea.

A side note: presently it’s unclear if Montia’s intentions were of a cruel nature, insofar as solely for the purpose of exploiting and taking advantage of Lakishia, due to her developmental cognitive delay, or if she truly wanted to help her teammate out, but also, make a little dough for herself in the process. Probably the former.

“Are you willing to have sex for money?” Montia texted Lakishia. “I’m willing to have oral sex for money.” Lakishia responded. “Send me some photos of yourself that are not too nasty but kind of cute, show some skin.” Montia texted back.

Montia then posted an ad with her phone number and Lakishia’s “not too nasty but kind of cute” pics up on Backpage.com website and waited for a response. It didn’t take too long to get a customer. “You’re up!” Montia texted Lakishia. The two girls hopped in Montia’s car and left Hopkins High School in Minnetonka and drove to an apartment building in Crystal. The man paid Montia $60 for Latishia’s oral sex services. Bank records showed that Montia deposited the $60 into her bank account the same day.

The next day another man booked an appointment. The two left school and this time went to Brooklyn Park. However, this time, Montia told Latishia that she had to have sex with the customer. Latishia refused. “You’ll be fine, I didn’t drive up here for nothing, and eventually you will need to have sex.” Montia said to Latishia. Latishia stuck to her guns and told the man that she wouldn’t have intercourse with him, but would give him a blow job. Apparently, he didn’t like that idea and told the girls to go back to school.

Montia thought it was a minor set-back, but with the phone ringing off the hook like it was she knew she would be making some serious dough in no time, perhaps even earning enough money to afford College of Saint Benedict next year. However, Montia didn’t foresee Latishia’s mother checking in to her daughter’s attendance records and meddling in her phone reading text messages between the two girls. The mother stumble upon text messages that had subject matter relating to prostitution, words like: “oral sex”, “you’re up” “sex for money”, “you got condoms”, “don’t back talk me”, “you got my green”, “call me Madam Montia”.  A red flag was thrown and Latishia’s mother called the police and Montia was apprehended.

Montia admitted to placing the ads and driving Latishia to both residencies to perform sex acts for money, and also admitted that she kept all the money earned. Madam Montia was charged with sex trafficking and promoting prostitution with bail set at $50,000.

According to a police official, Backpage.com is a common website promoting juvenile prostitution, however, most the time cases don’t involve teenagers trafficking teenagers, rather they involve adults trafficking adults or teens.

Full Story: Star Tribune Minnesota

*slight dramatization, but mostly true and odd.