Mexican man arrested for padlocking his girlfriend to prevent her from cheating

mexico_padlockEverybody’s got a thing. For a 40-year-old unnamed man in Veracruz, Mexico his thing is to padlock his girlfriend’s blue jeans to prevent her from engaging in sex with other men. He locks in this poor man version of a chastity belt so tight that his girlfriend has no chance at taking her jeans off and fornicating with another hombre in town, not to mention it also prevents her from taking her pants off to use the restroom. Pending on how long he padlocks her up I can foresee this being an issue. And it looks like it has become one.

Recently, the 25-year-old girlfriend with the padlocked jeans got herself in a situation where she had to go the bathroom but couldn’t take off her pants. She was in such extreme pain from being unable to relieve herself that she said “f#ck it” and went to the local authorities. She told authorities that her boyfriend has been padlocking her pants for years because he is afraid she will cheat on him if her pants aren’t locked up.

“Well would you, cheat on him if your pants weren’t padlocked?” Policía asked.

“Si.” She responded.

“Why not just cut them off with scissors?” Policía asked.

“Demasiado miedo! (too scared)” She responded.

Police arrested the 40-year-old boyfriend. He admitted to padlocking his girlfriend as well as provided them with the key to unlock the padlock. He was initially charged with a misdemeanor, however since the girlfriend refused to press charges after he was detained the 40-year-old man was released. Nevertheless, he did have to sign a statement promising that he would never use a padlock again on his girlfriend or partake in abuse toward her ever again.

Full Story: Orlando Sentinel

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