Louisiana man rides horse into bar lassos man and then drags him around the parking lot


Drunk man rides horse into Cowboy’s Saloon. Drunk man rides horse outside. Drunk man rides around the block. Drunk man rides horse back into Cowboy’s Saloon. Drunk man rides horse outside. Bar patron tells Drunk Man to leave. Drunk man lassos bar patron. Drunk man drags roped bar patron around parking lot. Drunk Man unropes bar patron.


Drunk Man rides horse to his parent’s house. Drunk Man walks back to Cowboy’s Saloon. Drunk Man orders another drink. Bar notifies police. Police respond to call. Drunk Man hides from police in front of bar. Police find Drunk Man. Drunk Man threatens police. Drunk Man is arrested.

Lousiana cowboys26-year-old Jeremy Mouton, aka Drunk Man, of Scott, Louisiana, was charged with multiple counts of disturbing the peace, remaining after being forbidden, second-degree battery and public intimidation and retaliation, and will be spending a few days in the Lafayette Parish Correctional Center.


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