Le quemó el pene con agua hirviendo. Translates to: you cheat on me I pour boiling water on your junk

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In the neighborhood Alberto Saibis a woman burned her husband’s penis with boiling water, the savage reaction of the wife, neighbors say, has to do with who discovered that her husband was playing with the other. The incident occurred on the morning of Tuesday, at about 2:00 am, when Nathan arrived Néfer over drinks over to your residence.

According to the testimony of neighbors, his wife, Yolivel Lopez, waited to eat and lie down to sleep. After that, the wound wife, went to the kitchen and started boiling water in a pot. When liquid at high temperature was the woman took a towel under the pot from the stove and entered the room. Then emptied the entire pot on the genitals of the man who yelled so loud that woke the inhabitants of the house that is attached to them.

A local resident said that all Yolivel arose because he had learned that her husband was playing with the other woman. He added that the straw that broke the patience of his wife was a call from the lover Néfer in which he told her he loved her more and then sent him there after taking a few drinks with him and the love twice.

The man was taken to hospital and discussed in the neighborhood that your penis is totally destroyed.

Residents say that since her husband burned Yolivel no one in the house of the couple, who had little time to live there. Pedro Padilla, a community leader, said that everything happened so quickly and who have failed more news. Apparently Nathan is Néfer Coraseo contractor and owns several trucks.

If you know Spanish here is original article from Colombia: el meridiano de cordoba

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