Japanese man arrested for stealing 200 women bike seats, admits he likes the ‘scent of a women’

Kondo's collection

Kondo’s collection

In International News: 35-year-old Yokohama resident, Joji Kondo was arrested after a security camera caught him stealing three bicycle seats from an apartment complex. Which at first glance doesn’t seem like that big of deal, and not really that weird. However, after investigators searched Kondo’s home they found an additional 200 bicycle seats, all of which had belong to female riders.

“Why do you have 200 women bicycle seats in your living room? An Investigator asked Kondo.

“I wanted to smell the lingering scent of a woman. I like the texture of the leather and the smell it has. I would lick it and sniff it.” Kondo answered.

“Jesus!” the Investigator responded.

Kondo went on to tell police that he had special advance sense of smell and could easily tell whether a man or woman used the seat. “Leather seats especially are best for trapping the glorious scent of a woman rider.” He admitted.

Olfactophilia lingere.

Investigators estimated that Kondo’s substantial bike seat collection was valued around 1,200,000 yen ($12,287USD). No information on charges or possible jail time.

Full Story: Japan Today

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