Iowa man goes on a six-day diapers, baby wipes, and tequila theft spree, plan was to barter stolen items for some crack

davenport REUTHER

“turn to the right”

32-year-old Thomas Reuther of Davenport, Iowa, was arrested for allegedly going on a wild six-day theft spree that involved stealing  diapers, baby wipes, and other items that would be on a normal father’s shopping list, however for Reuther, he had hopes that he could barter the stolen merchandise for crack.

Reuther’s near week long theft spree involved at least five stores in the Davenport and Bettendorf area. Sticking mainly to liquor stores and mini-marts, Reuther’s stole diapers, baby wipes, bottles of tequila, cartons of cigarettes, and lotto tickets.

“Give me a couple boxes of Huggies, some baby wipes, a carton of cigs, for the wife, a bottle of tequila, for me, and give a me couple of those two-dollar scratch it tickets, my kid got to go to college man.” Reuther might have said to a clerk.

Reuther’s odd theft spree ended when police matched up surveillance footage from multiple stores  to Reuther’s numerous mugshots on record. According to the investigators, Reuther stole the items to use for himself, or to sell them for money to buy crack, or to barter for crack.

“If you ask me the suspect seems like a cracked out real-life version of H.I. McDunnough, you know from that 80’s movie Raising Arizona.  He has been in and out of jail for the past 12 years always getting caught stealing from mini-marts. Stealing diapers and baby wipes, hell it gets me [laugh]. All the fellows down at the station refer to this case as Raising Iowa.” Investigator told reporters.

Reuther was charged with four counts of third-degree theft and six counts of lottery ticket theft or forgery.

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