Indian man arrested for raping injured cow

India_cowI’ve said it before and I will say it again, “weird sh#t happens in India.”

With that said, meet Muthu. Muthu was recently arrested for raping an injured cow while it was lying unconscious on a railroad track in the southern Indian state of Tamil Nadu.

While crossing a set of railroad tracks a four-year-old cow (the victim) was struck by a vehicle, which subsequently knocked the animal unconscious across the tracks. Officials at the Blue Cross of India were notified of the injured animal and promptly arrived at the scene to assist with the removal, and possibly offer medical attention to the animal. However, upon arrival they noticed a frail older man between the ages of 50 and 55-years old laying alongside the unconscious bovine creature moving in an erratic and sexual matter.

“We were initially unsure of what the man was doing to the cow. When we went further and took a closer look, we realized this man was inserting his penis into cow’s vagina. There was a bottle of coconut oil kept beside him, which he used as a lubricant.” A Blue Cross of India representatives told reporters.

Once Muthu realized a crowd of people were standing around watching him rape a nearly dead cow on railroad tracks he attempted to the flee the scene, but was caught by the mob, and then arrested by local police.

Muthu admitted to taking advantage of the unconscious farm animal and was charged with unnatural sexual offense act. Unfortunately, the cow died a few hours later at the veterinary hospital due to injuries it sustained during the accident.

Full Story: Punjab News


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