India student attacks woman in classroom with axe, then drinks poison and slits his own throat with knife

india_AakashIn International News, 23-year-old Akash Kumar of New Delhi, India, attacked a  22-year-old woman in a classroom at Jawaharlal Nehru University in front of fellow classmates, and then took his own life by drinking rat poison and slashing his own throat with a knife.

As the story goes, Akash Kumar calmly walked into a Jawaharlal Nehru University classroom carrying a home-made gun, an axe, a vile of poison, and a knife. Upon walking into the classroom Akash yelled at 22-year-old Roshni Gupta, requesting that she accompany him outside. When Roshni kindly refused Akash’s request, Akash busted out a home-made pistol and tried to shoot Roshni, however, the gun didn’t fire. Akash then pulled out a vile of rat poison from his pocket and drank it. He then pulled out an axe and attacked Roshni. After smashing her over the head five times with the axe, Akash brandished a knife and then sliced his own throat. Both Akash and Roshni collapsed in a pool of their own blood, and according to witnesses, the entire incident happened within two minutes.

This was no random act of violence. This was a crime of heart break and obsession. According to friend’s of the assailant, Akash has been taking runs at Roshni for over two years, apparently not taking “no” for an answer, and has developed an obsession for the 22-year-old student. In a four-page letter found by investigators Akash describes his frustration and sadness regarding Roshni’s change of attitude toward him.

“We became friends on the day we took admission….There was a lot between us and we were close. However, ego issues had cropped up between us…She began to look down upon me…She has been upset with me for some time and has been ignoring me,” he wrote in the letter.

Roshni Gupta sustained four major gashes to her skull and a slashed wrist, she was rushed to the hospital and is still in critical condition. Akash died at the scene.

Full Story: India Times


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