India man shot by town criminal for not putting onions on his omelette

India_omIn the small town of Etah, India a man named Pujari ordered an omelette for four of his comrades. Pujari and his comrades quickly became angered when they noticed that there were no onions in their omelette. Pujari confronted the egg cook, Deepu Kashyap.

“Where are d’onions? We like onions, yes. Why haven’t you put onions in the omelettes?” Pujari asked.

“I can’t afford d’onions. They are much too expensive for me.” Kashyap responded.

Pujari pulled out his gun and shot Kashyap. “I shoot you, because no onions!”

Pujari and his comrades left the scene and Kashyap was rushed to a local medical facility. Inspector General of Police Ashutosh Pandey told reporters that they know the identities of the suspects and are in the process of trying to arrest them. He said: “We know Pujari, he is the town criminal. He is wanted on many many crimes around Etah. A case under attempt to murder and extortion has been slapped on them and we are trying to arrest him now.”


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*some dialogue dramatized