Illinois man kills wife after she refuses to have sex with him one last time

Naperville Kurtis-Worley“Just one last time. Come on Martha. One last time. Real quick. Come on just one last time. Real quick. Come on. Please. Please Martha. Fine. Once I’m gone, I’m gone. This is it Martha…Oh come on Martha. You are technically still my wife, come on. Just one last time. Please!”  Kurtis Worley begged.

Worley went on like this for over an hour. He begged and pleaded, but his wife Martha stuck to her guns.

“No. I said no. Now forget it.” she said.

Worley finally gave up and retreated to the garage. He drank tequila and vodka until he was drunk and emotionally numb. He grabbed two knives and made his way back to the bedroom. By the time he returned to the bedroom Martha was asleep. Worley stood silently over the bed watching Martha sleep for five minutes.

“Why do you want to leave me Martha? Why do you want a Divorce? I can change…I can change Martha.” Worley whispered under his alcohol infused breath.

Worley raised one of his knives and then repeatedly stabbed Martha in the head. Martha screamed as she was being pummeled in the head with the knife. Her two kids, Worley’s stepchildren, heard their mother screaming and quickly ran to her bedroom door to see what all the clamor was about, however the door was locked. The 15-year-old and 12-year-old repeatedly pounded on the door trying to get in. Worley opened the door, he stood there in the door way, naked, holding a bloody knife, looking like a psychopath. The older of the two sons attempted to get in the room but was deterred when Worley stabbed him in the throat with his blade. The two boys receded back, the wounded boy ran to the bathroom and other one ran to the kitchen to grab  a knife. They tried again to get in the room, but were unsuccessful. They then called the police.

When police arrived and broke down the locked door they discovered Martha lying face down in her bed covered in blood, and Kurtis Worley was lying on the floor naked with two knives soaked in blood next to him. Worley had cuts on his wrist which indicated that after attacking Martha he tried to take his own life. Martha was ruled dead shortly after being administered to the hospital. Her eldest son, who was stabbed by Worley, was rushed to the hospital and had to under go emergency surgery on his slashed throat.

Kurtis Worley was charged with first-degree murder and was booked at the DuPage County Jail. Worley confessed to the allegations against him and when interviewed by investigators Worley retold a very eerie, detailed story of that tragic evening at the Worley’s home.

This was his story.

Full Story: Chicago Tribune

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