**Updated** Idaho man arrested for allegedly having a year long love affair with a cat, turns out he is a Furry

cat lady meet cat man

Meet 28-year-old Ryan Tannenholz, aka Bubblegum Husky, of Boise, Idaho. Ryan was recently arrested for allegedly sexually penetrating a cat multiple times over a course of a year. That’s intercourse with a cat to me and you.

Apparently, police have been investigating Ryan for some time now, and will not release information regarding how Ryan’s activities came to their attention. Meaning, some mysterious and unknown whistler blower notified police of Ryan’s favorite crime against nature pastime, but because of the nature of the crime wants to remain anonymous, secret. Perhaps a friend, a relative, or even his own mom?

Regardless, some secret somebody witnessed Ryan having sex with a cat numerous times and decided to do something about it. Why the police had to investigate this case for over a year before making an arrest is a whole another deal. And why no one knows who the cat belongs to is yet another mystery.

Hopefully in the coming weeks more information will be released regarding this somewhat mysterious case of a cat f#cker, and we will finally know the truth behind why Ryan f#cked a cat, who the cat belongs to, and who told the cops that Ryan was f#cking a cat. I can’t f#cking wait.

***Updated Story info: Tannenholz is a member of the Furry Fandom Community. He goes by the name Bubblegum Husky. Apparently, Tannenholz like to dress like a dog [fursuiter] and then bone cats. Good to know.

Ryan Tannenholz was charged with six felony counts of crimes against nature and one misdemeanor count of cruelty to an animal. Ryan could possibly go to prison for a decent amount time for his alleged cat sexapade. Idaho doesn’t mess around when it comes to fornicating with the pets.

Full Story: Idaho Statesman




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