Florida newlywed busted for soliciting a prostitute on his wedding night. Wife thought he just went out for some cigarettes and bonbons.


marriage and jailWe have all heard the old saying that attraction fades with time.  That is why so many relationships that start with hot white passion can end so quickly as soon as that passion fades away.  We aren’t sure how long this fading process can take, but what we do know is that it should at least last through the honeymoon.  Unfortunately for one man in Orlando, Florida, his passion only lasted a few minutes after the nuptials.


Earlier this week, a young bride called the police to report that her new husband was missing.  They were in Orlando on their honeymoon and he had disappeared.  The good news is that the police knew where the woman’s husband was…the bad news is that he was being held in jail.  As if it could get any worse, he was being held in jail for….wait….wait….here it comes…soliciting a prostitute…ON HIS HONEYMOON!!!!  Wow, Dr. Phil will have a field day with this one.  Instead of spending the evening cuddling with his wife and calling her cute little romantic names, he gets to cuddle up in a jail cell with a burly hispanic dude named Humberto.  Talk about misunderstanding the whole concept of the old ball and chain.  This guy is actually getting a real ball in chain in jail (Get the double meaning).  The only thing that would have made this story better would be if that man’s name was John (get it?)…but it wasn’t.   Oh well, we aren’t sure if their marriage is going to make it past this little illegal hiccup, but we wouldn’t bet the farm on it.  Read the original story below.

-PJ Fielder

Original article: Honeymoon prostitution arrest: Bride reports groom missing, finds he’s in jail

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