Goal-oriented Massachusetts man caught with daily crime to-do list

Evan Dorsey's to-do list

Evan Dorsey’s to-do list

Highly motivated and goal-oriented aspiring criminal Evan T. Dorsey of Weymouth, Massachusetts, was arrested for breaking and entering, cross number 4 off the list, and was found with a crime to-do list titled: “Goals 4 Friday.” ¬†Goals on the list included finding crystal meth, selling drugs, getting some coke, getting a gold watch, breaking and entering, robbing a dealer, grabbing a 4-pack of Four Loko, finding a girl, getting wasted, and more interestingly,

mass_listdoing a nice thing for a stranger. Unfortunately, Dorsey got busted before he got a chance to cross off doing a nice deed, and more than likely, before he got wasted off meth and Four Loko, and hooked up with a girl. He was charged with breaking and entering, larceny of drugs, receiving stolen property over $250, and carrying a dangerous weapon. Stay tuned for Evan’s “Goals for Saturday” to-do list…

Full story: Weymouth News


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