Getting “CHIEFED” Could land you in JAIL

-31 Year old Virginia man gets drunk at his home and passed out on the couch.
– His roommate decides to pull a Magic Marker out of a drawer.
– Roommate uses the said marker to draw an image of a penis on 31 year old’s cheek
– 31 year old man wakes unhappy.
– To renew his honor, 31 year old man induces extensive facial injuries to artist’s face.
– 31 year old man is arrested for malicious felony wounding.

Now a lot of people have been on the giving or receiving end of an act that is referred to as “Chiefing, Hazing, Fucking with, etc…” It is a given this is not mature and not a nice thing to do to anyone. But pranks like these are funny and often talked about between friends for a long time. Much like folk tales. But this is a first, I’ve never heard of someone going to jail over it. Of course, until I had come across this story I had also never heard of anyone overreacting over it. I mean it is an embarassing situation to be on the receiving end of a drunk practical joke, but it is a joke.
The ages of the perps are also in question. It is funny in college and maybe into your early 20s. Either way it is what it is and the 31 year old vic of a practical joke is in jail with a Penis on his cheek. That is not the ideal place to be with something like that on your face.

Just some friendly advice, and I speak of this from experience. If the artist had tied the 31 year old’s shoe laces together, the 31 year would have probably tripped and passed out again. Thus avoiding any type of altercation or police action. But it also could have escalated the situtation.

-PJ Fielder

Original Article:   The Smoking Gun

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