German Nymphomaniac killed two of her newborn babies so she could still go to swingers club

germany_nympoEverybody’s got a thing. For 24-year-old Steffie Koppers, her thing is to frequent German swinger clubs to engaged in numerous sexual encounters with strange men, and then likes to brag about these sexual adventures on her Facebook page. It is probably safe to say that Koppers is considered a nymphomaniac. I think we can agree on that. She is addicted to sex, no denying that. She likes to bang. Addicted. She was so addicted to the sex and going to these sex clubs that she didn’t even let having two babies hinder her from going out and having some random sex. She is serious and dedicated about her sex.

In fact, Koppers manage to have two babies without no one ever noticing. How this is possible I don’t really have a clue, but I do know she was a larger girl, so maybe that is how she hid it. As far as how her many sexual partners didn’t know especially at 8 or 9 months, you got me. Anyway, she got pregnant on two different occasions in the last year or so, and carried the babies to term without anybody knowing she was pregnant, twice. She then secretly murdered her two newborn babies, at separate times of course, and hid their little bodies in her home that she shared with her father in Weeze, Germany.

The father recently discovered the bodies of the two dead infants inside the farm house they shared. He notified police and Koppers was arrested. She admitted to killing her two newborns, but didn’t specify exactly why, however she did admit that she didn’t want the kids around because they would bother her and cramp her hyper-sexual lifestyle, not to mention, she confessed that she is totally “DTF”.

Full Story: Daily Mail

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