French man hangs little dog in garage after it bites his daughter

"I'm innocent"

“I’m innocent”

“I panicked.”  Renald told police when asked why he hung his Tibetan Lhassa Apso from a beam in his garage.

“You panicked? Monsieur, you took a pedigree dog that you’ve only had for two weeks and strung it up with a rope, like you are some kind of american cowboy, and hung the poor little guy in your garage just because it nipped at your daughter?” French officer asked.

“Oui.” Renald said.

According to French officials, the 25-year-old dog owner, Renald, killed his 3-year-old pet dog Pollux by stringing the small pooch up with a rope on a beam in his garage, this all because the little pooch bit his 2-year-old daughter. He told officers that the bite was severe, resulting in five stitches. However, others involved in the case would argue that the wound was not that serious and Renald was full of sh#t.

Renald was initially sentenced to 5 months in a French prison back in 2011 for the 2010 murder of Pollux. However, because Renald appealed the sentence, and the French court system is apparently really slow, glacial pace at best, it wasn’t until last tuesday that a Parisian court upheld the sentence.

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