Love of DEER could land you in Jail. Even if you are the MAN


It is probably one of the most influential and well known childhood movies of all time.  Yes, we are talking about Disney classic film, Bambi.  Many other films have followed in Bambi’s footsteps, but it is still viewed as one of the world’s all time classics.  Like most films out there, Bambi was no different in terms of creating controversy.  Many animal activists liked its message of positioning hunters as evil and many outdoors men felt that the portrayal of hunting was not only unfair, but also misleading.  Whatever side of this argument you fall on, it won’t matter with this next story.  In fact, we are pretty sure almost everyone will take issue with this next story out of Indiana.  Yes, it involves a deer, but doesn’t involve hunting.  Yes, it involves a potential jail term

A couple in cornnersville Indiana, is on the hot seat for what they felt was a good and noble deed.  They came home one evening to find a wounded deer on their neighbor’s property.  Instead of killing the deer or calling animal control, the couple decided to nurse the deer back to health themselves.  The man, a police officer, and his wife spent two years with the deer. They eventually grew so attached to the deer, they named it “Little Orphan Dani.”   Because of their concern for the life of the deer and their efforts to heal the animal, they are now both facing jail time and a fine that could exceed $2,000.  Indiana Conservation Officials are charging the couple with unlawful possession of a deer.   The story has caused an uproar on Facebook and has garnered over 11,000 likes in support of the couple.  Visit the page here .

Update: After some investigative Journalism by the ODD CRIME staff, we found the “Little Orphan Dani” was released immediately into the wilderness by authorities and subsequently shot by an honorable Indiana Sportsman during hunting season. “Dearitos anyone”

Opinion: Only under OBAMA is it legal to shoot a DEER, but illegal to be-friend one.

-PJ Fielder

A more accurate article:  Indiana Police Officer, Wife, Could Face Jail Time for Saving a Deer