Florida woman throws baby at arresting deputy as she attempts to flee

florida_WrightIn Florida News: A 23-year-old Pensacola woman was arrested after throwing her 3-month old infant at an Okaloosa County Sheriff Deputy as he was trying to arrest her for shoplifting from a Santa Rosa Mall Dillards.

Meet Ashley Taylor Wright. A 23-year-old loving wife and mother of three. A classy woman  with a refined palate and expensive taste that enjoys shoplifting at only the finest Dillards, and enjoys putting her baby in harms way as well as a casually baby toss. A modern day renegade of a woman.

Wright walked into a dressing room with a baby stroller, a couple pair of Miss Me jeans, and a Hurley shirt, she walked out with a baby stroller stuffed with a couple of pair of Miss Me Jeans and a Hurley shirt. It didn’t take long for a customer associate to realize Mrs. Wright shoplifted merchandise, valued at $261, and it didn’t take long for the Dillard’s employee to notify authorities.

When a deputy approached Mrs. Wright at her car in the parking lot, Wright was heard yelling to her husband, “get the f#ck out of here, peel the f#ck out!”

The deputy attempted to get Wright out of the car, “Ma’am please step out of the vehicle, I have a few questions.”

However, Mrs. Wright resisted, she grabbed the baby carrier from the back of the car with her 3-month-old infant strapped in, put the infant in front of her and yelled, “You will have to shoot through the baby to get me!”


Wright jumped out of the car, then threw the baby carrier with her 3-month-old infant strapped in at the deputy as she attempted to the flee the scene, leaving her husband at the wheel and her two other children in the back seat of the car. After a mild chase and scuffle that caused a few scrapes and bruises, Mrs. Wright was apprehended.

Mrs. Wright was charged with petty theft, child abuse without great bodily harms and resisting an officer without violence. No information regarding the husband or the two other children. The 3-month-old infant was unharmed in the incident.

Full Story: WTSP News



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