Florida Woman gets “FINGERED” by Judge in response of her use of the Finger

Is there ever a good time to flip someone the bird?  You know…the sign language version of the “F” word.  How angry or upset must someone be for the action to be justifiable?  Even more, is it ever justifiable?  Well, one thing is pretty clear…in Miami-Dade County in Florida, in the court room of Circuit Court Judge Jorge Rodriguez-Chomat, showing your displeasure with a middle finger is not a good idea…and is never justifiable.  Just ask a young woman who is looking at a 30 day sentence for the simple flick of a finger.

Adios Penelope Soto

Adios Penelope Soto

An 18 year old woman was in court last week facing charges of possession of Xanax.  She was sporting a major attitude with the court, laughing and smiling throughout the proceedings.  Even when she was called out by the judge for acting like a buffoon, she just kept on with the same annoying behavior.  The judge finally had enough of the girl and set her Bond at $5000 and said “bye-bye” to her.  The woman replied with a flippant “adios” followed with a laugh.  The judge took a double take, and called her back.  He then set the Bail at $10,000 and told her “adios.”  It was at this point that the young woman through all good judgment aside (as if she had been using good judgment anyway).  She let it all hang out and flipped a big ole middle finger at the judge.  She didn’t stop with just the sign language version of the expletive, she coupled it with a verbal “F#$k you!” to the judge as well.

Oh boy.  As you can imagine, the judge responded with a contempt of court charge and sentenced the woman to 30 days in jail.  We guess that was the judge’s unspoken version of the middle finger back to the woman.  “Ahhh, those youthful indiscretions…..

-PJ Fielder

Original Story: http://www.nbcmiami.com/news/Woman-Gives-Judge-Middle-Finger-Gets-30-Day-Sentence-for-Contempt-189691991.html