Florida woman arrested after she repeatedly called 911 to report too much drinking going on at neighborhood bar


58-year-old Florida woman, Mary Jaggers, was arrested after she allegedly called 911 multiple times (6 times) to report that people were drinking too much down at her neighborhood bar, Artie’s Sportsman Lounge.

*911 dispatcher transcript of one of the calls:

Dispatcher: Hollywood Police Department. What’s the emergency?

Jaggers: Everyone is getting drunk!

Dispatcher: Ma’am, what is the emergency?

Jaggers: They are drinking too much!

Dispatcher: Who is drinking too much?

Jaggers: Everyone.

Dispatcher: Ma’am, where are you?

Jaggers: I see drunk people, they’re everywhere!

Dispatcher: Where are you?

Jaggers: Artie’s Sportsman Lounge.

Dispacter: The sports bar in Hollywood.

Jaggers: Yes. Help me!

Dispatcher: Ma’am stop calling.


After calling 911 six times trying to get her fellow bar patrons arrested Jaggers was eventually arrested herself and was charged with misusing emergency 911 system as well as charged with drug possession after investigators found hydrocodone pills her pockets.   Jaggers was ordered by the Judge to stay away from Artie’s and stay off the booze.

Only in Florida.

Full Story: Local 10

**Transcript is dramatization based on true events


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