Florida teacher of the year arrested for smoking dope and drinking with student

First off, what is the deal with all the women teachers getting caught messing around with their underage students? It seems like I read about a situation involving a relationship between a teacher student at least once a day, and for the most part it is always from Florida. Has this always been prevalent in the secondary education system? What the f#$k was going on when I was in high school, did I miss something?

Mz. Hatz

Mz. Hatz wants to party

Anyway, Florida teacher Elizabeth Hatzidakis,33, of St. Lucia West Centennial High School  was arrested for allegedly smoking weed and drinking with a student at her home. The 17 year-old boy, which his name is secret due to being underage (but we will refer to him as Ray), outed Mz. Hatz (student nickname), and told sheriff deputies that he took painkillers, pounded beers and smoked weed with Mz. Hatz at her house until they decided to take a nap on her couch. In addition, Ray told his dad that he has been dealing Oxycodone to Mz. Hatz since their summer fling last June, and in turn, Ray’s dad called St. Lucie County Sheriff’s department to report the drugs and drinking activities involving Mz. Hatz and his son. Mz. Hatz was charged with misdemeanor contributing to the delinquency of a minor,  possession of a controlled substance, and misdemeanor charges of possession of less than 20 grams of marijuana and possession of drug paraphernalia.

Students and neighbors were shocked when they heard about the allegations. Students described Mz. Hatz as a role model and a professional teacher, and perhaps a candidate for teacher of the year. Her neighbors thought of her as a ideal quiet neighbor that was always pleasant. Her husband was shocked as well to hear the news that his wife was partying it up with a 17 year-old boy in their house while he was at work, and refused to comment on the situation. No word of sexual contact between the two or if there were other students Mz. Hatz was partying with. She is currently suspended from the classroom while the investigation continues. So, if you feel like partying and getting high as F$#k with a 33 year-old women Mz. Hatz will be around, just bring the oxy and bring the weed.

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