Florida man threatens to kill wife over dirty kitty litter

florida_GaronAvelino Garon of Palm Coast, Florida, was arrested for allegedly threatening to kill his wife during a heated argument regarding whose responsibility it was to clean the dirty kitty litter box.

According to the wife, the couple spent the day arguing about the dirty kitty box. Garon became angrier as the day went on and refused to clean the litter box, declaring that it’s a wife’s responsibility to change the kitty litter. She told police,” We fought all day about stupid cat litter. He get angry. Real angry. Then he grabbed my cat and threatened to throw it against the wall.”

“I throw this stupid cat against the wall if you don’t change kitty litter!” Garon yelled.

When the wife refused once more Garon went to the kitchen and grabbed a knife. “When I said ‘no’ he ran off to kitchen and came back with a knife.” The wife told police.

“Do you want me to kill you? I will kill you. If you don’t clean kitty litter now. Clean kitty litter now!” Garon yelled at his wife.

The wife notified police and Garon was apprehended. According to the arresting deputy, Garon ┬áremained defiant about his innocence while being arrested. Garon told the deputy, “I didn’t do no wrong in threatening her, it’s the wife’s responsibility to clean litter. Not mine. The wife.”

Garon was charged with assault with a deadly weapon.

Full Story:Daytona Beach News Journal

***slight dramatization