Florida man slams into wall, gets out of car, gets naked, cranks up the tunes, and dances a jig. Best Formaldehyde laced weed in four counties.

Felix Lockett

Felix Lockett

Felix Lockett, a 34-year-old man from Orlando, Florida, picked the wrong week to stop smoking formaldehyde laced weed. Lockett, after he slammed his mid-90’s sedan into a wall, was found by police dancing in the street naked while pumping Power 95.3. According to a witness, “he was naked, nothing on, I mean nothing. He had the music in the car playing real loud and he was whamming, whamming on the car.”

A Florida Highway Patrol trooper investigating the crash instantly suffered symptoms of watery eyes and trouble breathing upon opening Lockett’s car door. Two other authorities at the crash site also suffered symptoms, which included nausea, headaches, and vomiting, from exposure to the toxic formaldehyde fumes and were taken to Orlando Regional Medical Center. Investigators found a bottle containing formaldehyde inside the car. Lockett admitted lacing his weed with formaldehyde, but did not offer a reason. He apparently sustained injuries from the crash, but was so high that he just wanted to get naked and bump’n’grind. He was later taken to hospital and charged with driving under the influence.

For y’all that don’t know what formaldehyde is, or don’t remember the intense smell of formaldehyde in biology class in high school, I recommend wikipedia: Formaldehyde

Full Story: Orlando Sentinel

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