Florida man robs store after filling out job application

florida_thomasIn Florida News: 33-year-old Anthony Thomas of Ocala, Florida, was arrested for allegedly stealing cash out of a register from a gas station after applying for a job.

According to the store clerk, Thomas came into the Martin Oil gas station looking for a summer job. “He came in and asked if we were hiring, I said maybe, so I gave him an application to fill out.” The store clerk told authorities.

Thomas filled out the application, however, when the store clerk turned his back and started tending to other store duties , Thomas smoothly reached over the counter a few times and managed to grab $130, in total, out of the register, he made some small talk with the clerk, said his goodbyes, and casually walked out.

Unfortunately Thomas was not as smooth and bright as he thought, considering all this was caught on surveillance camera, not to mention, Thomas left all his real contact information on the job application he previously filled out and gave to the clerk. Thus, It didn’t take long for police to apprehend the future employee of the month. However, when police arrived at Thomas’s home to make the arrest, the suspect denied taking anything and being a thief.

“I ain’t no thief, and I didn’t take no money man, do I look like a thief, do I? I’m a working man. I’m looking for a job.” He said.

But after police showed Thomas the surveillance video he changed up his story, “they said it was my cash advance, my retainer man. Retainer!”

Thomas was charged with burglary, resisting an officer with violence, and petty theft.

Full Story And Video: WESH Florida


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