Florida man goes ‘code red’ after he is accused of stealing stepdad’s can of shrimp

florida_laughmann“Where is my can of shrimp, boy?” Stepdad Airhart asked.

“I don’t f#cking know!”  Jayson snapped.

“You took my can of shrimp, boy, I know you did.”

“F#ck you man. I didn’t touch your can of shrimp!” Jayson yelled.

“You took it. You 34-year old dead beat that still lives with his mother. I know you did!” Stepdad Airhart yelled back.

“I didn’t take sh#t. You aren’t my dad. You will never be my dad!”

“You wanna go?”

“Yeah I wanna go!”

“Let’s do it!”


“Ok then!”



Jayson and Stepdad Airhart then went outside to the back porch to engage in a little family backyard brawl. Jayson quickly picked up a stone statue. “I’m going to throw this at you. I’ll do it man!” Jayson yelled.

But Jayson didn’t hit his stepdad with the statue, rather, he threw it down on the ground, shattering the stone fairy into a million little pieces.

“Pussy.” Stepdad Airhart said.

Stepdad Airhart shrugged his shoulders and then retreated back inside and went in to his bedroom to cool off.

Moments later Jayson attacked his stepdad’s bedroom door with a samurai sword and after a few hard chops managed to break the door down. Jayson busted in the room swinging his sword like a madman and then threw a couple of steak knives at him as he yelled, “You aren’t my real dad! All you care about is f#cking my mom and canned shrimp! You and your precious can of shrimp! Fine. I took your can of shrimp. I ate it and it was good!”

“You son-of-a-bitch!”

Stepdad Airhart called the police and told them that they better respond quickly otherwise he was going to kill his stepson. Jayson went quietly when the police arrived on the scene. According to a Volusia County Sheriff’s deputy, Jayson told them that he couldn’t remember much of the incidence and went on to say, “I just went into code red. I lost my temper.”

Jayson Laughman was charged with aggravated assault.

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***dramatization based on true events