Florida man busted for having sex with neighbor’s dog last week was busted for having sex with another dog this week

me again

me again

James Lyon has a problem. For some reason he can’t stop having sex with dogs, and for some reason he keeps getting caught. The 52-year-old registered sexual predator was arrested last week for allegedly having sex with his neighbor’s dog (click here for story), now less than a week later, Lyon is arrested again, second time in a week, for having sexual relations with yet another dog.

Last week, Lyon only spent a few hours in jail for his sexapade with his neighbor’s dog before he posted bail, in addition to ¬†signing a pretrial release condition that allowed Lyon to be released if he agreed not to have any pets in his home.

Unfortunately, Lyon didn’t seem to take that agreement very seriously, considering days later when Animal Control Officers went to his home to check-up on the pooch lover they found two dogs inside his home. A Pit Bull and a Terrier mix. The two dogs were removed from Lyon’s residence and sent to a veterinarian for a thorough examination.


Terrier Mix

According to the vet, the Pit Bull checked out ok, however, the Terrier mix wasn’t so lucky. “The Pit Bull showed no signs of injury or penetration, but the Terrier mix was another story. Her injuries to her genitals were appalling, just blown out. There is no doubt this dog suffered a great amount of pain and will suffer through the healing process.” The vet said.

Lyon was charged with Cruelty to Animals, Sexual Activities involving Animals and Failure to Register as Sexual Predator.

“Luckily, we got anonymous tip that Mr. Lyon had dogs in his house. If it had been any longer who knows what would of happened to that poor Terrier mix dog, and I’m confident the Pit Bull would have got it.” Authorities told reporters.

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