Florida man attempts to pay water bill with cocaine

floridawaterA unknown man in Deltona, Florida walked into the Deltona Water Department office early Monday morning handed a cashier a payment envelope full of a white powdery substance, and then without saying a word, casually walked out. The cashier, not knowing what the white substance was, notified the authorities immediately, and the office was evacuated.

“I thought it could have been anthrax or something.” A employee was heard saying.

After hazmat crews analyzed the mysterious white powder they deemed the substance non-toxic. More interestingly, a few hazmat crew members took the analysis a step further by testing it, personally, and determined the substance was actually Grade A 100% pure Colombian cocaine. “This is just cocaine man, the good shit too.” A Hazmat official said.

All that is known about the mystery man is that he tried to pay his water bill with high grade coke and he was wearing a t-shirt and shorts and took off on a bicycle, more than likely a beach cruiser. If you see a guy riding a bike wearing a t-shirt and shorts around the Deltona area notify local police. Only in Florida.

Full Story: Florida News

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