Florida man attacks neighbor in wheelchair and threatens kids with gasoline as they light off fireworks. Just another Fourth of July in Florida


The Grinch who stole Fourth of July

72-year-old Richard Rice of Naples, Florida, was arrested for allegedly attacking a neighbor man in a wheelchair as well as threatening to pour gasoline near children while they lit fireworks.

According to a witness, several families with children were gathered in a Naples neighborhood celebrating the Fourth of July by enjoying grilled meats, potato salad, Jello molds, and lighting off fireworks when fellow neighbor Richard Rice approached them with a container full of gasoline. “We were all sitting around watching the kids take turns lighting their fireworks off, a real family orientated neighborhood gathering, when this strange old man walked up to us with a container labeled ‘gas’.” As Rice approached the group, he growled, “The parties over!” And according to a witness, Rice threatened to pour gasoline all over the street and driveway while kids were running around with lit sparklers. “He told us he was going to douse the streets with gas and the whole neighborhood would go up in flames if we didn’t stop with the fireworks, he looked like the grinch that stole christmas, but he was stealing our 4th. Then he just started pouring gas on street near the kids and parents started yelling at the kids to get away.”

Wheelchair bound neighbor Micheal Jones had enough of Rice’s feeble threats and attempted to stop the deranged old man from ruining their Fourth of July. Unfortunately, before he got a chance to be a hero, Rice managed to grab Jone’s wheelchair and flipped him over. Rice then proceeded to douse the fallen disabled man with gasoline while he was on the ground. The neighbors finally called 911, and Rice was arrested for the incident. Rice told deputies that he tried to blow-up the neighborhood because the fireworks were disturbing his dogs. And probably because he wasn’t invited to the party. Rice was charged with Abuse on an Elderly or Disabled adult.

Just another Fourth of July in Florida.

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