Florida man angry at his wife arrested after planting a hoax bomb on table with note

florida_bombguyMeet Randolph Smith of Vero Beach, Florida. Randolph is 51 years old, currently going through a divorce and is pissed off at his wife (soon to be ex-wife). Randolph is so pissed at his wife that he planted a fake pipe bomb on a table along with a few hand-written notes scribbled in red pen.

This is a explosive. Its a bomb.” Randolph scribbled on a piece a paper.

florida_bombBoom.” He scribbled in red on the counter underneath the fake bomb.

Randolph’s wife notified police immediately upon discovering the bomb and threatening notes. The Bomb squad was called in and they determined that the bomb was a fake and contained no explosive substances, however it did closely resemble a live pipe bomb.

Randolph was tracked down by police at a local Burger King. When officers asked why he planted a fake bomb for his wife to find, Randolph responded, “She pissed me off. What, is that illegal?”


Randolph was charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, planting a hoax bomb, and resisting arrest.

Full Story: WPBF NEWS


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