Florida golfer strikes moving car with bad tee shot then attacks 63-year-old driver. “I used to never slice!”


“I used to never slice”

43-year-old Florida golfer, David Barror, hits moving truck with golf ball, the 63-year-old driver, Richard Fillingame, pulls over to check out the damage and to have a little chat with the golfer, the golfer then viciously beats driver. Barror flees the scene. 63-year-old Fillingame flees to Halifax Medical Center with serious injuries to his face and head. Ponce Inlet Police later find David Barror and arrest him.

According to a witness, Barror shanked a tee shot off of nine that struck Fillingame’s truck as he drove by Harbour Village Links Golf Course. Fillingame quickly pulled over and confronted Barror. He told reporters, “I seen the older gent get out of his truck and I heard him tell the younger guy that he hit his truck. ‘You hit my truck with your ball that is one hell of a slice you got there’ I heard him say. ‘I never slice!’ the golfer barked back. Then he jumped on him and kept punching him over and over while yelling ‘I never slice’. ”

A passing motorist that saw Barror pummeling Fillingame on the side of the road briefly stopped and honked her horn in attempt to stop the fight. Barror, obviously startled by the honk, quickly popped up while in a enraged trance, giggled, and said, “I used to never slice” as he fled the scene. Fillingame, on the other hand, was knocked unconscious and was rushed to a local medical center with serious facial injuries.

Due to accurate descriptions by witnesses, surveillance footage, and the fact that Harbour Village Links Golf Course is a private golf-course limited to only residence/guests of the community, Barror was easily apprehended by Ponce Inlet Police and was charged with aggravated battery. Ponce Inlet Policed billed this incident as the most vicious beating in the Ponce Inlet area they have seen in a decade.

Full Story: Fox Orlando