F*CK You Forehead Tattoo Covered With…Dolphins?

July 11th 2011 was like any other sweltering day in the Northern California’s Shasta County. Who would have suspected that an upstanding young man by the name of Patrick Brooks, arrested for burglary and other assorted charges, would ascend to the status of¬†viral sensation. You see, it wasn’t Mr. Brooks’ rather common criminal charges that lead to such fame, but rather, his choice to tattoo the rebellious statement “Fuck You” tattooed upon his shiny forehead.

Patrick Books Fuck You Tattoo

Like all things viral, young Patrick soon disappeared from the public arena. While his behavioral choices as evidenced by a recent arrest remain consistent, it would appear that his taste in body art has matured, electing to cover up his bold statements with images that seem to take on the vague shape of dolphins. Here is to ya, buddy!

Fuck You Tattoo Cover Up